Who We Are

In January 1964, led by Mary Ella Rolerson Grinnell and her brother Jesse Rolerson, twenty-four island residents organized the Islesboro Historical Society. The Society’s early goals included commemoration of the bicentennial of the Town’s settlement, collection of artifacts other than those associated with the sea (a primary function of the Sailors’ Memorial Museum housed at the Grindle Point lighthouse), and establishment of a museum on the second floor of the Town Hall. In 1971 the Society purchased the 1894 Town Hall building for its sole use, beginning more than fifty years of cultural, arts, and history programing in the building.

Our Mission

The mission of the Islesboro Historical Society is to bring together those people interested in history, and particularly the history of Islesboro.
Understanding the history of our community promotes a better understanding of our community, our state, and our nation.

Board of Directors

picture of Board of Directors

Patrick O'Bannon - President

Valerie Slater - Treasurer, Carrie Thomas - Recording Secretary

Ed Bacon, Mike Boardman, Anmiryam Budner, Linda Graf, Dick DeGrasse, Kathy DeGrasse,
Marjorie King, Will Merryman, Ted Pendleton, Shar Piper,
Carlisle Rex-Waller, Debbie Reynolds, Bob Slawson, Jennifer West, Jane Wherren

Former presidents enjoy voting privileges on the board. These include: John Mitchell, Judy Kaminski, and Doug Welldon

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