What We Do

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The Islesboro Historical Society is located in the 1894 former Town Hall. Within this historic building we maintain and operate a seasonal museum, preserve an extensive collection of artifacts, historic photographs, oral histories, and written records, and present a variety of events in our first-floor space, Pendleton Hall. Outside our building, we lead walking tours that highlight the island's geology and history.

Pendleton Hall - This large open hall, complete with stage, originally hosted town meetings and served as a community gathering space. It continues to serve this function and is used for art shows, speakers, exhibits, films, concerts, dances, and the annual all-island talent show.

Museum - Our second-floor museum, open seasonally between July 4 and Labor Day, is located in the space that once served as the island’s high school. Displays and exhibits provide information on the lives and work of island residents, the island's unique geology, and the history of local Native Americans. Our genealogy computer allows you to research your island family history. A large screen monitor allows you to share your research with others, link to Genealogy page.

Offices and Archives - The Society’s offices are located on the third floor, along with storage space for our extensive collection of artifacts. The third floor also houses our archives, a cataloged collection of written records, historic photographs, oral histories, and other documents collected, preserved, and maintained for the use of researchers.

Islesboro Historical Society Scholarship – The Society supports Islesboro Central School students in their pursuit of academic excellence with an annual scholarship awarded each year to a graduating student pursuing further education at the post-secondary level. Our goal is to encourage and support superior academics by assisting graduates in the further pursuit of their educational goals. We believe this program will foster a lifelong interest in that special place called “Islesboro.”
The scholarship program is subject to annual approval by the board.

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