Virginia Reidy

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Inspired by a fascination with the world at large and a bit of whimsy, heavy on listening to inner realms while learning the ways various media give and fetch has been a delight. Vibration, through the spectrum of color and light lifts and brightens the spirit.

As a snowbird, moving seasonally has opened many windows on the world. My studio has often been a screen tent or picnic table in a campground or the yard here on the island. I’ve put my hands to many things curious to gain further understanding of the processes. Painting, caning, weaving and felting, glass work have much to teach, there is a poetry in all of it.

‘Seafoam and Peyote’ found its way into the world while we were camping in a multitude of desert browns in Nevada. The beads of sea colors helped me find balance while exploring the highways of seed beads with the peyote stitch. The pandemic days of isolation needn’t thwart love and interest in life. The tools we have been given encourage our continuance in the dance. Lately I’ve been creating micro-kites, they are great for putting smiles on faces.

Make merry and wonder on.

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