Jack McConnell - Photographer

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For 50 years as a freelance photographer, I traveled the world for corporate clients shooting annual reports and advertising campaigns. From 1982-2007 I caught my breath by spending summers on Islesboro, Maine, circling Penobscot Bay, photographing coast and harbors from my 28-foot Crosby tugboat, the Paula B. But my first love was taking B&W portraits of the islanders.

The first summer I asked Mike Durkee, who was painting our rental house, if I could take his photo. He replied, “Trying to capture the elusive native, are ya!” And that was the beginning of hundreds of Island photographs, exhibited at the Islesboro Inn, Blue Heron, Islesboro Historical Society, and our Seven Knots Gallery.

Website address: Seven Knots Gallery and Jack McConnell Photography
Email address: jack@JackMcConnellPhotography.com

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