Gerry Wolf

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Thirty years ago, while living in Kentucky, I visited a woodworker friend of mine, took home some wood scraps, found interesting pieces on the “street,” and began making art out of wood, paint, and found objects.

However, that’s my avocation. By day, I am a Bishop in the Episcopal Church, having served as the Diocesan Bishop of Rhode Island, and currently as the Assistant Bishop of Long Island.

I combine my faith with my art, through whimsical sculptures of people and animals, which I paint in bright colors. I’ve learned that you can reveal a new piece of wood by sanding down an old one, just as people can find new life by sanding off some personal rough edges. And those things that people throw away as trash? I find treasure in them, just as we often discover our inner treasure through things we most want to get rid of.

My style is on the folk art spectrum, and I am considered an outsider artist, as I’ve had no formal, or informal training.

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