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The history of Islesboro is the history of its residents. The Historical Society maintains two large genealogy databases. The genealogy computer in our museum provides free access to all these histories, and now they are available here.

"Summer Families" is largely devoted to those families that built cottages in Dark Harbor. "Year Round Families" includes (obviously) families who resided on the island year round. There are, however, plenty of folks who might be considered summer families that are included in the year round database - including summer residents of Hewes Point, Ryder's Cove, and other areas. If you can't find who you're looking for in one database, try the other. The user interface is not the slickest we've ever seen, but once you click on a name you can then click on links for the individual's parents and siblings. It should let you roam pretty far down into the rabbit hole! We cannot promise that these records are 100 percent complete or accurate, but we've tried to get them as close to that goal as possible. The starting points for the Year Round database were the family histories in the 1893 and 1983 town histories. We tried to verify all that information with primary source documents (birth, marriage, death, and census records) available through We followed the same process for the Summer Families database - starting with Shettleworth's "Summer Cottages of Islesboro."

Because of privacy concerns, records are generally less available for the period after 1950. As a result, the holes in the data get larger as one gets closer to the present. That's one reason we've put a "Family Group Sheet" on the website, so that you can correct our mistakes, add additional family members, and generally help us make this more complete and more accurate.

Please let us know if you have questions or problems. Enjoy!

Click "Year Round Families" or "Summer Families" to view the records.

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If you would like to include your family history in the Islesboro Historical Society Genealogy Database or have additions and/or corrections, please complete and submit this form

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