2024 Calendar of Events

image of IHS stage

Building open July 1, Wednesday through Sunday 12:30-4:30 p.m.

June 6Student Art Show Reception (Thursday 3-5pm)
June 7–26Student Art Show
June 18Talent Show Rehearsal (6-9pm)
June 19Talent Show (7-9pm)
June 26Evening Program (7-9pm) – Michael Mann: History of Climate Change
July 4Museum Opens
July 11Art Show Reception (Thursday 5-7pm)
July 12–28Art Show: “Art ReHomed: Sharing Community Treasures”
July 13History Tour – Town Beach (9-11am)
July 17Annual Meeting & Evening Program (6:30-8:30pm)
Evening with Island Elders – Laura Ault, John Creelman, Peter Mills, Donna Seymour
August 2-4Islesboro Arts Collective Weekend Arts & Crafts Show (12:30-4:30pm)
August 3History Walk – Keller Point (9-11am)
Weekend Arts & Crafts Show Reception (Saturday 5-7pm)
August 7Evening Program (7-9pm) – Taury Smith: Islesboro Rocks
August 8Art Show Reception (Thursday 5-7pm)
August 9-25Art Show: “Jack McConnell Retrospective: 25 Summers at Water’s Edge”
August 10Geology Walk – Hutchins Island (9-11am)
August 21Evening Program (7-9pm) – Tilly Laskey: Rose Cleveland’s 700-Acre Model Farm
August 25Searsmont Street Band Dance – Brigham Orchard (4-6pm)
September 1  Museum Closes